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A trip to Bluff station

6 September 2023

Tucked in between the Seaward & Inland Kaikoura ranges, lies Bluff station. 40,000 acres of rugged country & big landscapes, so what better place to stay a couple of nights? With the loan of Branch hut, this placed me right at the bottom of the largest peak outside the Southern Alps, Tapuae-o-Uenuku, which attains a height of 2885m.

CF008845 Panorama copy

With a beautiful clear day, I woke early & hiked to a good vantage point to capture the first light bathing the inland range (that's Tapuae-o-Uenuku on the right), just gorgeous. And then with my hiking buddy Di, we spent the day exploring Branch stream down to the Clarence river, where I captured this view looking back to the mountains. Simply stunning! 

CF008852 Panorama copy

Great spot to boil up a cuppa tea beside the Clarence, thanks Di!

IMG 4508