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"It's a fusion of art & high-tech & Latham is a Master Photographer."

- Art Critic Larry Jenkins, September 2004

I print all of my fine art canvas & paper prints in my studio on an HP z3200 large format inkjet printer, using only the finest quality inks & media. Strictly limited numbers of each print are released & once an edition is all sold, the image is retired.

 I use archival pigment HP Vivera inks which are rated for 250 years permanence (indoors), before any signs of fading or colour shift, by Willhem Research Institute of California. 100% cotton-rag fine art paper, canvas & museum grade varnish are all produced in the U.S. by Breathing Color. Using their archival certified inkjet products ensures the longevity of my prints, for generations to come. 

Known as gicle´e prints, these are the preferred method for fine art reproduction by the world's greatest artists, galleries & museums. Reknown for their superior quality & permanence, each print is individually created (versus the mass production of a lithograph on a commercial press).

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IMG 2507
Original colour & detail of RAW files on my 100Mp medium format Phase One XF
IMG 2503
Stunning colour reproduction & detail, thanks to the HP z3200 printer
One of the two ink stations on the 12 colour HP z3200

Print permanence testing by Wilhelm Research in California (>250 years indoors)
BC Archival Certificate Pura Smooth3
Archival Certification - Breathing Colour's Pura Smooth fine art paper
Lyve cert
Archival Certification - Breathing Colour's Lyve archival canvas

Canvas prints are varnished with a U.V. inhibitive coating, which I apply using a hand roller (vs a spray gun), in order to achieve maximum protection. This is a critical process & even after 16 years & coating thousands of canvases, I still reject more than a few. Should anything go wrong, there's no chance of applying another coat. Simply start over & produce another! All prints have to pass my critical eye before they leave my studio.

The pursuit of these scenes involves extensive travelling & there are times when you may come home with little to show for an expensive trip. But I insist on using Phase One equipment & the highest quality materials, to capture & print the best imagery I possibly can. I keep my editions small, yet priced affordably to appeal to a wide audience. So I trust my work is appreciated for its unique qualities & value.


Types Of Fine Art Prints


Unframed paper prints & canvases are sent rolled inside a sturdy postal tube & avoid the higher cost of shipping a finished framed piece. You can then choose the framing style with your local picture framer that best suits your taste & decor. For paper prints, I highly recommend using Art Glass AR70 (or museum acrylic or True Vue glass), if reflections might be an issue.

Canvases can be either stretched over a frame or laminated to a board & framed using a picture frame moulding (no glass is required as the canvas is varnished with a U.V. inhibitive coating). Instructions for heating & stretching unframed canvases are included with the canvas, or can be downloaded here.

Your framer will be able to advise you with all the different options that are available, but please feel free to contact me for advice if you get stuck!

Stretched Canvas is where the canvas is stretched over an inner frame & is finished, ready to hang on your wall. These frames vary in thickness from 19mm, 38mm 50mm & 65mm deep, depending on the size of the canvas & what's best suited for each piece. On this sides I usually print a solid colour, which can be anything such as black, white or sand for example, or even a custom colour to suit your wall. 

Image Wrap is a stretched canvas where sufficient image is available to wrap around the sides of the frame, without detracting from the composition. Sometimes there may be enough image to wrap just the left & right sides - which is what you mostly see, then use a solid colour on the top & bottom edges.

Afternoon Glow INT 1300
"Afternoon Glow" stretched canvas, 508mm x 1536mm
Into The Blue Steve Dianna 2
"Into The Blue" stretched canvas - image wrap, 1000mm x 1000mm
The Lay Of The Land INT
"The Lay Of The land" stretched canvas - image wrap, 508mm x 2342mm

Framed Canvas is a stretched canvas mounted in an outer frame (like a tray), available in black, dark brown, white enamel, silver or gold. A wealth of other picture frame mouldings such as vintage, rustic timber & oval frames can be chosen where I laminate the canvas onto board. There's lots of custom choices available, so please enquire for more information & to check availability / lead times.

Turning Tides INT copy
"Turning Tides" canvas + dark brown outer frame, 606mm x 1634mm
Whalers Cove INT1300 copy
"Whalers Cove" canvas + white enamel outer frame, 606mm x 1634mm
Wish You Were Here CV BLACK INT copy
"Wish You Were Here" canvas + black outer frame, 812mm x 2284mm

Blazing Beauty Oval INT 1300
"Blazing Beauty" + black enamel oval frame, 600mm x 1800mm
Paradise oval white INT 1300
"Paradise" + white enamel oval frame, 700mm x 1500mm
Tokitoki INT
"Tokitoki" + black enamel oval frame, 600mm x 1800mm

Still Standing INT
"Still Standing" canvas + american oak frame, 678mm x 1244mm
A Days Rest INT 1300
"A Days Rest" metallic canvas + white enamel frame with champagne fillet
Tropical Tones INT copy
"Tropical Tones" metallic canvas + vintage frame, 935mm x 1335mm

Framed Paper Prints under glass are available only through my galleries, if I'm able to deliver to you, or if you're able to collect from my studio. The risk of damage when shipping glass is too great, so I only send paper prints unframed, which are rolled inside a sturdy postal tube. 

Karekare Metlife int
"Karekare Magic" framed paper print
Rangitoto Kowhiti Metlife
"Rangitoto Kowhiti" framed paper print
Rangitoto Christmas int Metlife
"Rangitoto Christmas" framed paper print

Triptych is where the image split into three equal canvases, which can be hung as three separate pieces or mounted inside an outer frame.

Anakiwa Awakening INT 1300
"Anakiwa Awakening" canvas triptych, 436mm x 1950mm
"Dancing Mist" canvas triptych, 2000mm x 3000mm
Valley Of Gold triptych INT copy
"Valley Of Gold" framed canvas triptych, black outer frame, 606mm x 2440mm

New, Coming Soon...

Fuji Flex are the ultimate photographic prints & exhibit astounding colour brilliance & sharpness. I outsource the printing of these to PCL in Auckland, who are total experts & craft these prints to the highest possible standards. Not only is the print process time consuming & the materials used very expensive, but face-mounting the print to U.V. acrylic is difficult to achieve. These uniquely rare & beautiful prints are priced accordingly, but rest assured their stunning 3-D impact is like nothing else! 

The three interior images below are a taste of what's to come & I will be launching this exciting new range late October, when more information will be released...


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“Peter was awesome, the print arrived professionally packed & within 4 working days! After an excited trip to the framers, it now hangs proudly in our 'N.Z. Room'. We will definitely be back for more….“