Frequently Asked Questions

How long do orders take? This varies depending on the nature of the artwork, but please allow approx 2 weeks for me to print & package unframed paper prints & 3 weeks for unframed, varnished canvases (which are sent rolled inside a tube), plus delivery time via NZ Post. Framed pieces vary depending on the nature of the work, but can require 2-3 months lead time, so please check with me to confirm availability & timeframe. I try to carry my most popular frames in stock to minimise any delay, but please also note that delivery times may be longer, if I'm away on a photography trip.

Can I hang your work on a sunny wall? It's wise to avoid direct sunlight for any artwork, but unlike traditional photographs which fade after a few years, I go to great lengths & expense to use the finest archival materials to ensure my work will stand the test of time. Paper prints can be susceptible to humidity & develop "cockling" (wave like undulations in the paper) if exposed to extremes in temperature - so again, just avoid direct sunlight! Print Permanence Ratings state the materials I use to be resistant to any noticeable change for a period greater than 250 years (indoors). Obviously if the print is in a sunnier than average position, this rating will diminish, but you can order in confidence that your work should endure for several generations.

Are other sizes or options available? Please let me know if you'd like a custom size or frame. There are too many options to list on this website, so please enquire.

Are Black & White prints available? Yes, black & white or sepia prints may be ordered from colour prints at no additional charge.

Do you do commissions? Yes, I’ve completed a wide range of unique commissions over many years & I always enjoy a new challenge! My charge for this depends on travel costs & what may be involved to capture something special, so please get in touch & we can have a chat!

I see the piece I want to order is SOLD OUT, will you be printing any more? Definitely & utterly "No". I am frequently asked this & the answer is always the same, I will never corrupt the integrity of any print edition - limited editons are strictly that!

Unframed prints & canvases are sent rolled in sturdy postal tubes via NZ Post airmail which is very cost effective. When receiving a rolled (paper) print, I recommend that you take it directly to your picture framer who can flatten the piece for you before framing. Larger prints can be difficult to roll back into the tube without damaging the print, so please avoid the temptation to open it at home!

For unframed canvases, I will e-mail you details of the “canvas stretcher frame” you will need to order from your picture framer. The most important aspect when stretching a rolled canvas is that it must be heated (with a hair dryer) before stretching - this softens the varnish coating & allows easy bending on the edges. Alternatively, the canvas can be laminated to a board & framed like a paper print, using a picture frame moulding. Glass is not required as the canvas is coated with a U.V. inhibiting varnish, which can be wiped clean with a soft damp cloth. Instructions for heating & stretching unframed canvases are enclosed with each piece, but can also be downloaded here. 

What is a "stretched canvas"? This is where the canvas is stretched around a pine "stretcher frame" & is ready to hang.

What is an "image wrap"? This applies to a stretched canvas, where the image continues around the sides of the frame (vs. using a solid colour on the sides).

What is a framed canvas? This is where I mount the stretched canvas into an outer "box" frame (available in dark brown, black, white enamel, silver & fine black or champagne gold). This is a very contemporary look, the negative detail is very effective & works equallly well with both modern & classic interiors.

I want to hang a piece above a fireplace, is that OK? Firstly, with your fire going, check the temperature on the wall where you wish to hang the work. Generally speaking, heat will radiate out from your fireplace into the room, not directly above to where the piece is hanging, so you should be fine. I would avoid hanging directly above a radiator, but again, check the temperature of the area where you wish to hang.

“When Peter delivered our pieces, we couldn't believe the incredible detail. The images on his website - impressive as they are - really didn't do our prints justice!“