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"It's a fusion of art & high-tech & Latham is a Master Photographer"

- Art Critic Larry Jenkins, September 2004

New Zealand may be small on the map, but these far flung islands pack more variety & grandeur into every corner than anywhere else. Not that it makes my job any easier, these lands are surrounded by vast oceans, which means one thing - rapidly changing weather & plenty of liquid sunshine!

Those times when you end up in the right place at the right time are really rare and the light might last only seconds. But when you see all the elements colliding in front of you, it’s a both a thrill and a privilege to capture that fleeting moment. I work hard to capture iconic images that portray an original point of view,  I'm very proud of our country and am deeply passionate about what I do.  But there are times like dangling from a tree for a better view, when I think there’s a very fine line between dedication and madness!

In the late 80’s I dreamt of being a landscape photographer & snapped away with a Canon T70, cell phones were expensive bricks & who had heard of Apple, wasn’t that a fruit?! My first south island roadie was a quick tiki tour with my sister in 1988. I was constantly taking photos, Anne (sis) was forever yelling “Peter, hurry up”! Envying all the cyclists taking it quietly, I figured that was the way to go, so the next year I did just that. A 2nd job washing dishes at weekends funded a new Bronica 645 120 film camera (I could've bought a section on Waiheke with the $ back then!) But I was hooked, read about my 6 month bike tour in NZ Adventure.

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Local girls in Nosy Komba (small island off northern Madadasgar), 2000

Edinburgh Military Tattoo (won 1st place, Tattoo's photo contest), 1994

Young girl in Djibouti market, 2000 & Maasai warriors in Kenya, 2000

"Seabourn Spirit" (which I crewed as photographer) in Hvar, Croatia, 2001

Wild Brown Bear catching Salmon near Ketchikan in Alaska, 2003 &
"The Treasury" in Petra, Jordan, 2000

Odessa Ballet in Kiev, Ukraine, 2001

I joined the high seas as a cruise ship photographer in 1991 & was fortunate to travel to & photograph many of the world's greatest treasures. But it was an exhibition by american landscape photographer Christopher Burkett that I stumbled upon in Alaska one year, that left a lasting impression. Never before had I seen such poetic landscape photography.

So after 17 different ships, I returned home to NZ in 2003, determined not to shoot another portrait or wedding - ever again! I purchased a large format printer, experimented with printing onto canvas & began to establish relationships with galleries, who started to sell my work. Today, classic photographs are highly sought after & vast sums are paid for prized pieces. But the art world is very fickle & remains a challenging market.

It's a privilege that my work is held in collections around the world, including the family of the Swedish camera manufacturer, Hasselblad (who chose "Ice Arch"). And I'm very proud of my recent work at Auckland International Airport, where twenty large-scale murals showcase NZ's landscape to millions of travellers each year & set new benchmarks for their size & detail.

Mackinnon Pass, Milford track, November 2014

Kiwi footprints at Mason's Bay, Stewart Island, November 2015

Going under! Great Mercury Island, February 2016

"Solitude" glass bathroom, Auckland International Airport, July 2016

"Dancing Mist" stretched canvases (4400mm high), Auckland, July 2016

Standing beside "Jackpot" #1 in my new Ardmore studio, September 2017

Other corporate clients include TVNZ, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade, Ministry of Primary Industries, Frucor, Glaxo Smith Kline, Southern Cross, Starship & Ascot Hospitals, Rydges Hotel, NZ Steel, Icebreaker, Vector Arena, Metlife Care, Masonic & Settlers retirement villages, plus many more.

I recently upgraded my Mamiya 645 medium format camera and Phase One P65+ 60Mp digital back (that you see in the photo below) for the ultimate Phase One XF camera with 100 megapixel trichromatic digital back and blue-ring Schneider Kreuznach lenses, capable of resolving detail beyond 150 Mp. With such vast dynamic range and extreme sharpness, this equipment allows me to pursue my ambitions to capture an "epic" range of uniquely fine landscapes. With multiple trips planned throughout 2019, you can keep up with my news via Instagram or Facebook (I update this website regularly too).

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