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Second Proofs for "Land Of Light"

28 April 2024

I received my second batch of proof prints from my printers in China the other day & things are looking really great!

Still a lot of work to do, converting my files from RGB to CMYK (for offset printing) & adjusting the colour balance to suit the printer's default settings, so that the colour will be as accurate as possible to my originals. 

All in all, I'm investing well in excess of 600 hours in this project - that's just the editing, writing, design & layout, in addition to capturing the last photos to plug the last few gaps. It's a mammoth task, but the end result will be fantastic, I promise!

All going to plan, I'll have the entire book completed by mid June, with the printed books available late 2024. Stay tuned for more updates & when I will be opening the order book...

IMG 6175