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On the move to Canterbury...

27 April 2021

 It's been a long time coming, but we've sold in Auckland & are heading to Oxford, Canterbury! This is a big project we're embarking on, starting with beautiful bare land - lots of it! My studio is all designed which we will live in while the house is being built, then I'll have an amazing new space to welcome my clients & visitors to. 

It's a hectic time as we pack & move not only home & business, but horses, cats & the dog! I'll be out of production for a little while until my new state of the art printer arrives late June, I'll then be back up & running again in my temporary Portacom studio space. We're just a short distance from the wonderful village of Oxford, on the inland tourist route. On my doorstep lies Arthur's Pass in one direction & the Kaikoura coast in another...not to mention the amazing South Island high country, all a photographer's paradise! I'm planning to run a series of photography tours / workshops starting in 2022 - more details on that later this year. But if you find yourself in my neck of the woods, please do get in touch, I make a great coffee!IMG 8887


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