Peter's World

"The World's Clearest"

“The crystal clear waters of Blue Lake / Rotomairewhenua were studied in 2010-2011 by NIWA scientists and hold the world record for the greatest underwater visibility of 70-80m - close to optical purity! The lake is fed from spring waters that are filtered under- ground from the higher Lake Constance, N.Z’s largest alpine lake. Arriving in time for sunset the night before was a remarkable sight, with the mountains and golden light reflected in the lake. But next morning when the sun rose above the ridge and suddenly struck the crystal clear waters, was an experience I shall never forget. I had planned to shoot from the same place as sunset the night before, so I set my camera on the tripod and waited for the sun to creep over the ridge. But when the sun arrived, it was further west than I expected and it glared straight into my lens, uh oh! So I detached my camera and quickly found this ideal position, which highlighted the sun’s rays igniting the lake bed and these stunning reflections.”

Equipment: Phase One XF 100Mp Trichromatic Medium Format Camera + Schneider Kreuznach 80mm blue lens

3 frames stitched together to achieve maximum detail & clarity

Exposure: 1/125 sec @ f8 ISO 400

Location: Blue Lake, Nelson Lakes National Park

Limited Edition: 150 prints (total all sizes), individually numbered, personally signed & certified

Year of Release: 2024

Printer: Peter personally prints all his 100% cotton-rag paper & archival canvas on an HP Z9+ PS printer (9 colour "Vivera" archival pigment inkset, giclée process)

Print Permanence: >250 years indoors (paper & canvas prints), as tested on HP Z9+ printer by Wilhelm Research Institute, California

Copyright: Peter Latham 2024

“When Peter delivered our pieces, we couldn't believe the incredible detail. The images on his website - impressive as they are - really didn't do our prints justice!“