Peter's World

"The Morning After"

"This was the morning after a dramatic storm hit Stewart island, when fellow hikers couldn't even reach this beach due to a violent sandstorm. But what a difference a day makes! I imagined there'd be a good view from the track as it passed through the peaks of the Ruggedy Range, so we left the hut at 6am, which put us on this southern end of West Ruggedy beach about 7.15am, when this rainbow suddenly emerged. Wow! For just a minute, the intense sunlight maintained the rainbow & highlighted the icy cold waves, it was really dramatic. And then just as quickly as it began, the sun was blocked by cloud. But what a show it had been! And the viewpoint? After hiking muddy tracks for another two hours, followed by an insane climb through steep forest to a rocky outcrop, which Mike & I hauled ourselves & my equipment onto. And guess what? It was too cloudy for any views! But that was OK, my hunch had got us out of bed early enough to witness this great spectacle, so it was all good!"

Also available as a carefully crafted Fuji Flex print, the ultimate photographic print process that is available. This is face-mounted under True Vue 99% U.V. conservation clear acrylic & mounted onto Di-Bond for a modern, frameless look. The incredibly fine detail & impact that is portrayed with these is astounding & forms part of a stunning new range of imagery.

Equipment: Phase One XF 100Mp Trichromatic + Schneider Kreuznach 35mm blue lens 

3 frames stitched together to achieve epic detail & clarity

Exposure: 1/200 sec @ f14 ISO 400

Location: West Ruggedy beach, Stewart Island

Limited Edition: 50 prints (total all sizes), individually numbered, personally signed & certified

Year of Release: 2020

Copyright: Peter Latham 2020

“When Peter delivered our pieces, we couldn't believe the incredible detail. The images on his website - impressive as they are - really didn't do our prints justice!“