Peter's World

"Out Of This World"

A remarkable time-lapse of 1.5 laps of the horizon, captured over 3 minutes ...

"I had watched the high winds shaping these clouds during the day, so I scouted a high position to try & record some magic that evening. But I never could have predicted anything like this & as the sky started to light up, I could scarcely believe what my eyes were looking at, it was as if  "The War Of The Worlds" was going on all around me! The colours had developed slowly until at precisely 6.58pm, the clouds were really intense, WOW! That's when I started to photograph each frame in sequence, starting on the left hand side & moving across to the right. I initially thought this would simply create a wide panorama, but this extraterrestrial display was filling the entire sky, so I kept on going around for a full 3 minutes! The end result is this time-lapse  where I've stitched 16 different photographs together, which form 1.5 laps of the horizon. A unique "paranormal panorama" with a second set of the same clouds & foreground, which tell the story of how the light changed. Totally & utterly "Out Of This World"!"

Equipment: Phase One XF 100Mp Trichromatic + Schneider Kreuznach 35mm blue lens 

16 frames stitched together for epic detail & clarity

Exposure: 1/30 sec @ f16 ISO 800

Location: above Cromwell, Central Otago

Also available as a carefully crafted Fuji Flex print, the ultimate photographic print process that is available. This is face-mounted under True Vue 99% U.V. conservation clear acrylic & mounted onto Di-Bond for a modern, frameless look. The incredibly fine detail & impact that is portrayed with these is astounding & forms part of a stunning new range of imagery.

Limited Edition: 50 prints (total all sizes), individually numbered, personally signed & certified

Year of Release: 2019

Printer: Peter personally prints all his 100% cotton-rag paper & archival canvas on an HP Z9+ PS printer (9 colour "Vivera" archival pigment inkset, giclée process)

Print Permanence: >250 years indoors (paper & canvas prints), as tested on HP Z9+ printer by Wilhelm Research Institute, California

Copyright: Peter Latham 2019

“When Peter delivered our pieces, we couldn't believe the incredible detail. The images on his website - impressive as they are - really didn't do our prints justice!“