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"Light Of The Storm"

"When I woke at East Ruggedy hut this morning & caught a glimpse of light in the distance, it was an unexpected sight. The weather forecast was quite grim with a big storm predicted to hit (I had written this day off, thinking we would be stuck indoors!) So I grabbed my gear & raced over the dunes to the beach - normally a 30 minute stroll. For a split second, I thought about heading up to the lookout (as in "The Ruggedy Isles"), but there was no time for that. Fortunately, I had explored this end of the beach the day before, so I knew where I needed to be & headed straight here. Mike from Art By The Sea Gallery was already on the beach & spotted me running - he said he'd never seen me move so quick! He'd been out searching for kiwi - in vain as it turned out, but he joined me to witness this great spectacle unfold.  Just as I got up on these rocks & extended my tripod, the sun peeked through a small gap in the clouds & lit the Ruggedy range & islands, then a little bit later it reached the waves as well. Wow! I captured almost 100 photos, shooting 9 frames across the horizon for each sweep (including multiple shots of each frame with different wave patterns, so I could stitch these together). The whole show lasted about 15 minutes before we headed back to the hut, just as the wind picked up & all hell broke loose. The storm had arrived on time & it wasn't mucking around!"

One of a series of meticulously crafted Fuji Flex prints, which form very small editions of strictly limited collector master works. These are the ultimate photographic expression which display incredibly fine sharpness, colour & contrast. Prints are face-mounted under True Vue 99% U.V. conservation clear acrylic & mounted onto Di-Bond for a modern frameless look, complete with a sleek hanging system on the back, so it sits proudly off your wall. 

Delivery & installation NZ wide is included with your investment.

Equipment: Phase One XF 100Mp Trichromatic + Schneider Kreuznach 35mm blue lens 

9 frames stitched together to achieve epic detail & clarity

Exposure: 1/60 sec @ f16 ISO 800

Location: East Ruggedy beach, Stewart Island

Limited Edition: 10 (total all sizes), individually numbered, signed & certified

Year of Release: 2021

Copyright: Peter Latham 2021

“When Peter delivered our pieces, we couldn't believe the incredible detail. The images on his website - impressive as they are - really didn't do our prints justice!“