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Videos from the Routeburn track

10 May 2019

Here's a couple of videos of Fiordland's Routeburn track, taken last week (click each photo to play).

1. We had woken to a band of young Keas squawking around the hut at lake McKenzie, but then when I went back to check sunrise over the lake, a group of school kids began their haka to the ranger, which in conjunction with the Keas, echoed around the valley. This is a short clip from my iPhone, oh to have been there with a big video camera & proper audio gear! Turn your volume up & listen closely, it truly was a spine tingling experience.

Lake Mc Kenzie video pic

2. Further along the track, my friend Richard & I made a detour to check out this waterfall. A stunning wee spot & it's cool how that huge boulder is wedged in the gap above the falls. You certainly wouldn't want to be standing here when that came tumbling down!

Routeburn boulder falls video pic