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Hiking The Dusky Track!

13 December 2021

I've just returned from an epic week away on Fiordland's Dusky track. Wow, what an adventure! I doubt anyone else has been mad enough to haul so much camera equipment through there before, but it was worth all the mud & sandflies, to come home with some exceptional new images. 

A couple of new releases "Poetry In Motion" & "Lost In Time" (below) are now listed, which I hope might give you a taste of how grand this land really is. I've also added a few photos & video clips off my iPhone, to give you a better overview. Enjoy!

Poetry In Motion 2400

Lost In Time 2200

Stunning weather as we came in to land at Lake Roe hut (click to play video):IMG 0344

Atop the Pleasant Range (click to play video):IMG 0345

Morning fog @ Lake Roe hut (click to play video):

IMG 0346

Trying to keep steady on the walkwire as I captured the river below!PicIMG 0218

Hiking through the rainforest (click to play video):IMG 0347


The forest comes alive with the rain, but so does the mud...

HikingIMG 0237Lake Roe hut - a fantastic setting & worlds away from everything!IMG 0191A beautiful evening up at Lake Roe:IMG 0176The fog slowly lifted on our second day, everywhere you looked was magical...IMG 0122 2One has to feed the troops you know & I love the sign on the wood shed!IMG 162

Jetboating out, across beautiful Lake Hauroko, NZ's deepest lake (click to play video):IMG 0342

A couple of new releases are featured