Peter's World

"Super City"

“I chanced my luck one foggy winter's morning up Mt. Eden, for a possible panorama of the city. When I arrived, I could barely see six feet in front of me, it was so thick, but I decided to wait & see how things might develop. And as it began to clear & the first light broke through, the the Sky Tower really stood out from the rest of the scene as it sat in the higher, clear air. This classic scene is very popular, with not many pieces still remaining in the edition."

Equipment: 31Mp Phase One DB + Mamiya AFD 645 + 80mm lens

7 frames stitched together for maximum detail & clarity

Exposure: 1/50 sec @ f11 ISO 100

Location: Mt. Eden, Auckland

Available in black & white or sepia 

Limited Edition: 125 (total all sizes), individually numbered, signed & certified

Year of Release: 2009

Printer: HP Z3200 PS inkjet 12 colour "Vivera" archival pigment inks, Giclée process, as used to print 100% cotton-rag paper & archival canvas

Print Permanence: >250 years indoors (paper & canvas prints), as tested on HP Z3200 printer by Wilhelm Research Institute, California

Copyright: Peter Latham 2009

“When Peter delivered our pieces, we couldn't believe the incredible detail. The images on his website - impressive as they are - really didn't do our prints justice!“